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东莞大朗镇, 广东 523778


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Dynacast Dongguan is a 11,000 square meter factory located in the heart of Guangdong Province. The plant supplies high-quality components to leading manufacturing centers in South China, focusing on zinc-aluminum-magnesium die-casting. Additional details of the products and services provided by the Dongguan branch are as follows:

  • 15 patented multi-slide zinc die casting equipment ranging from 2 tons to 4 tons
  • 9 sets of traditional zinc die-casting equipment ranging from 80 tons to 250 tons
  • 22 aluminum die-casting equipment ranging from 125 tons to 350 tons
  • 4 sets of traditional magnesium die casting equipment ranging from 60 tons to 350 tons
  • Internal precision mold manufacturing capabilities
  • A range of secondary processes available internally and through certified partners, including CNC machining, tapping, reaming and drilling
  • Design, forming and modeling services
  • Provides a range of surface treatment processes including electroplating, spray coating, spray painting, dusting and electrophoresis...




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